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We are Open! For More Information on Our Enhanced Patient Visits, Click Here.

Scaling & Root Planing in
Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA

Scaling and Root Planing Sacramento and Elk Grove CA

New Dental Images provides pain-free scaling and root planing treatments for patients suffering from gum and periodontal disease. Our Sacramento and Elk Grove practice specializes in family dentistry, and we help patients with gingivitis, halitosis and moderate to severe periodontitis with safe and comfortable scaling and root planing options. With over a decade of serving our community with affordable dental care, Dr. Van Dang, DDS and our staff of dental professionals are committed to protecting your oral health and helping you to maintain a beautiful smile.

What is Scaling & Root Planing?

Patients seeking a non-surgical procedure to effectively cure periodontal disease often choose scaling and root planing. Scaling is a treatment that removes calculus and plaque from the area of your teeth just below the gum line. Dr. Dang uses an ultrasonic scaling tool that comfortably removes the tartar along your roots and applies antibiotic fibers below your gums to prevent infection and promote a quicker recovery time.

New Dental Images recommends root planing when X-rays and an oral examination show that surface dentin and cementum is compacted around your roots along with bacteria, toxins, and tartar. The dental professionals in our Sacramento and Elk Grove office will smooth your roots to heal your teeth and prevent the bacteria from returning.

Scaling & Root Planing for Gum Disease

Gingivitis, or inflammation of your gums, occurs when dental plaque builds up, causing your gums to become irritated. New Dental Images recommends scaling and root planing to treat gum disease because it effectively cleans between your gums down to the roots of your teeth. In cases where the pockets of tartar and bacteria exceed 3 mm, Dr. Dang will use local anesthesia to ensure your comfort during this deep cleaning process.

After your root planing and scaling procedure, our periodontal care professionals will provide you with a plan to maintain your dental health after the treatment – including a daily cleaning regimen and a schedule of regular checkups. Following this plan will ensure that the gum disease does not return. After your gums heal, you will see noticeable results, including firm, healthy-looking pink gums and cleaner-looking teeth.

How Root Planing & Scaling Helps Our Patients

There are many benefits of choosing an oral care plan that includes root planing and scaling. In addition to curing periodontal and gum disease, these treatments can protect your overall health. They can prevent periodontal infections that have the potential of spreading to your heart and respiratory system through your bloodstream. New Dental Images’ root planing and scaling methods also help to prevent tooth loss. When the size of your gum pockets exceeds 3 mm, bacteria can more easily colonize. Your body fights this, and ultimately destroys your gum and bone tissues, which can lead to tooth loss. Finally, this gentle procedure protects the beauty of your smile, and reduces bad breath by removing offending bacteria from your gums and roots.

Affordable Root Planing & Scaling Treatments

New Dental Images is proud to provide our Sacramento and Elk Grove patients with affordable dental care solutions. We offer reasonable pricing and discounts to seniors, students, and other special groups, as well as convenient payment plans. We also work with most major dental insurance companies. Do not let finances get in the way of maintaining your health and having a beautiful smile – we will work with you to give you the care you need.

Call Us For A Dental Consultation

Let New Dental Images help relieve the discomfort and dangers of periodontal disease. Schedule an appointment with us at our Sacramento and Elk Grove office for a dental examination, including X-rays and a thorough review of your oral and overall health history. We will design an oral care plan that meets your individual needs, and we will advise you if scaling and root planing are the right treatments for you. Our dental professionals will arm you with a preventative maintenance plan that will enhance the effects of your in-office procedure.

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5 star google review

Nancy L.

By far one of the best dental office I've ever been to. Dr. Dang makes sure your satisfied before you leave. She's amazing at what she does. All the staff is so sweet and friendly. My visits are always pleasant. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a friendly/clean office. 😊
5 star google review


I recommend New Dental Images to everyone. The staff is great! Always professional, friendly and the office is always clean. My family and I have never had a problem and we are completely satisfied with their services.
5 star google review


Dr. Dang was great! Came in for a filling and cleaning and the price was reasonable. Her staff was kind and helpful for setting me up with the appointment. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to Dr. dang.
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