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New Dental Images helps people who are in need of mouth guards in Elk Grove. Night guards protect teeth from teeth grinding and clenching. Chronic grinding and clenching leads to extensive dental damage and requires prevention as early as possible. Mouth guards are useful for sports because they protect teeth from damage during extreme physical activity. Helmets are not enough to protect the face during contact sports such as football and hockey. Here, at New Dental Images, we are able to make customized dental protection to meet all your needs.

Night Guards In Elk Grove

Mouth Guards Elk Grove CA

Teeth grinding or clenching is a common problem that many people face. This often happens at night when they are sleeping and unaware. Over time, teeth grinding and clenching can ruin enamel, the hard layer of the tooth. This will eventually expose the dentin, or the softer layer of the tooth, leading to tooth sensitivity. Grinding and clenching may lead to cracks in the tooth, or loosened fillings and crowns. Night guards prevent grinding and clenching, as they are worn during the night. They are made of plastic and fit perfectly behind the top row of teeth. They offer a barrier between the bottom and top row of teeth, thus eliminating grinding and clenching. Guards are designed for comfort, so you barely know they are there. New Dental Images is proud to offer people in need of protection with night guards in Elk Grove.

Mouth Guards for Sports

 Night Guards Elk Grove CA

There are a few very common dental injuries that happen during sports – fractures, avulsions and luxations. Fractures are the breaking or chipping of the tooth or fracturing of the root. An avulsion happens when an entire tooth gets knocked out, including the root. Luxations mean the tooth is still in the socket, but is misplaced. The tooth may seem farther back in the mouth, in front of surrounding teeth or longer than other teeth. Mouth guards for sports are placed over the top teeth. They are custom-made to fit your mouth and come in many different colors. They are worn even if the sport equipment already includes a helmet. Guards provide an extra layer of protection against injuries to the teeth, gums, tongue, lips and jaw.

If you need customized mouth guards in Elk Grove, please call New Dental Images to set up a consultation. We will give you protection from dental injuries caused by nighttime grinding and clenching or rough and tumble sports.

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