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The retainer is one of the most important orthodontic tools that can be utilized. This is a custom-made material that is used to hold teeth in their place after braces are removed or another critical form of dental treatment is used to realign the teeth. New Dental Images is an idea place for orthodontic patients in the Elk Grove who may need a retainer.

Custom Made

Elk Grove RetainersA retainer can be used to improve one’s smile by keeping the areas around the teeth under control. The problem with having braces removed is that there is a good potential for one’s teeth to move into their old positions after a while. A retainer is used to gently keep pressure on the teeth so they will actually stay in their right places without risking any damages over time.

Retainers are designed with a custom-made appearance for one’s individual teeth. This can include a design that fits alongside the gums and spaces around the teeth. New Dental Images will use the right impressions to determine what the shape of the retainer should be so the patient will have the right option. This must work because every single person has a different set of teeth and will have specific requirements for a retainer no matter what it might look like.

Easily Removable

The design on the retainer is made to where the wiring will keep the teeth intact and in traction for as long as necessary. It uses a system where the teeth will stay in the same place for as long as possible. In fact, the design can be made to where the retainer will be easy to remove as needed.

A retainer clearly has to be removed from eating and brushing purposes. Fortunately, retainers from New Dental Images are made with simple hook materials at the ends that make it easier to add or remove the retainer as required. These materials are not going to get in the way of one’s gums or the insides of one’s mouth. In fact, they will not harm the teeth and put them at risk of losing space either. It is a benefit that keeps the teeth healthy while also being to the convenience of the person who is using the retainer.

Easy Maintenance

There is also the way how the texture can be made to where the retainer can be easy to clean with a standard toothbrush. A polypropylene or PVC material that is very thin can be brushed without bending or cracking. It should be done this way to keep the teeth healthy and capable of feeling comfortable without dealing with any odors that might build up after the retainer is used for a while.

Contact New Dental Images for information on how retainers might work for your orthodontic plans. A retainer may be essential with regards to keeping your teeth protected after an orthodontic procedure is complete. It should work right and with your particular needs in mind based on the measurement that you have to use for it.